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We understand that a general tax and financial planner may not have the experience and knowledge necessary to help manage the assets of high-income earners. Our experience in financial planning and wealth management services allow us to offer tax planning strategies for high income earners that include early retirement and real estate investing tax strategies as well. If you would like a quote for a customized plan that includes tax reduction or estate planning strategies, give us a call at (208) 855-9400.



Wealth Transfer Strategies & Wise Money Management

Wealth managers can offer advice on your entire financial situation, including estate planning, investment management, retirement planning, risk management, and tax strategy, just to name a few. 


While there are many choices, we know that we here at Hawke Financial Group are the best financial planning company because of the way we handle tax strategy and investments. Jason is a licensed financial planning advisor whose methodology and strategy for investing is hands-on, unlike traditional brokers and financial planners who use basic traditional mutual fund selections with modern portfolio theory (buy and hold style) to diversify an investment portfolio.  He works to manage your entire portfolio by using his experience and daily study of the markets, as well as multiple research firms, to determine the best suited tactical asset allocation for each individual client. By using this type of dynamic portfolio management, Jason can adjust his client’s asset allocation to take advantage of current market conditions. Additionally, he uses options and option trading to help provide protection and income, creating a complete, active approach to financial risk management.


If you are in search of a personal financial advisor who can offer more than just basic portfolio management, contact us via phone at (208) 855-9400 or online. We serve Boise and Meridian, ID, as well as the surrounding areas.